Monday, August 9, 2010

Age Difference

In conversation, a dear friend almost a decade my senior tells me, "You're just too young to know."

At that moment she had effectively conceded her position in the discussion. Instead of a cogent argument, she made a derisive personal attack designed to lead me away from the issue at hand.

I smiled to myself and resisted the urge to follow that path. Still the questions roiled in my brain: Are you old enough to know? When exactly is someone old enough? Can you ever be old enough? How do you know you aren't too old to know?

Each of these questions address the petty nature of the remark but not that the comment is hollow as an argument for her point. Seriously, this could happen:

Kid: Why are you doing that? You're hurting me.
Man: You're too young to understand.
Kid: I don't think your fist will fit, please stop trying to get it in there.
Man: God says it's okay. You not experienced enough to know that we need more lube.

Anyways, happy problem resolution advice day!

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