Monday, April 26, 2010


A friend read my post about 'stripper shoes' and asked me why I made the leap from heels to stripper. Stilettos represent the height (no pun intended) of femininity. The spiky heel represents a dominance that women have over men resulting purely from their sexuality.

Research has revealed that wearing a high-heeled shoe causes a woman to arch her back, thrusting her ass and breasts outward. Please note that foot-binding has the same effect on posture. Also, foot-binding and heeled shoes cause a woman to walk with a wiggle that accentuates her waist. The waist to hip ratio is unconsciously calculated by the male mind to a measure of fertility and hence her value as a mate in the most primal sense.

Strippers and prostitutes use platform heels and other tools to accentuate and then exploit natural properties of their bodies in order to exploit their customers. I think that sex workers exploit their bodies the same way that an athlete might whether it's Michael Phelps or Tiger Woods. Why prostitution is illegal but mail-order brides are not is a cultural oddity stemming from religious taboos. We all exploit some part of ourselves to survive in this society.

Here I exploited the Abrahamic attitudes toward sexuality in order to satirize cultural mores. I suppose the real joke is that my friends who are strippers and prostitutes are smart enough to carry practical shoes with them so they won't be stuck at a bus stop at 7AM in 6 inch heels.


  1. "Research has revealed..."? You mean staring at women in heels u noticed this? XD

  2. Well that... and research that I would consider credible. "Effect of positive heel inclination on posture."
    Note the section on lumbar lordosis.

  3. Yup. 1000psi on the feet in high heels; 600psi in regular shoes...I stay away from heels. ;p

    I've been enjoying reading your blog--Cheers!